Molybdenum mirrors optically polished

Superfine Optically Polished Molybdenum Mirrors

Molybdenum properties of high thermal conductivity of 138 W/mK, high durability and optical damage threshold, make this material the choice mirror for hostile environment applications.

Reflectivity of uncoated optically polished molybdenum is greater than 90% for wavelengths longer than 1.8 microns. Pure vacuum ARC cast low carbon is the preferred material for polished molybdenum (Mo) mirrors.

Benefits of optically polished Moly / molybdenum laser mirrors:

  • High reflectivity at the CO2 10.6 micron wavelength
  • High anti-corrosion capability
  • Highest CO2 CW laser damage threshold
  • Surface finish: 20/10 scratch/dig; <20 Angstroms Ra
  • Standard flatnesses: lambda/2, lambda/4, lambda/10










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